Members are provided with a host of supportive services, tailored to each unique situation. We understand that challenges are almost always multifaceted, and in response we assist members with tasks that advance their wellness. Recovery is an ongoing process; we offer ongoing support.


Assistance We Offer

  • Navigating social services and government assistance networks
  • Advocacy support
  • Securing transportation to appointments
  • Employment assistance
  • Acquiring clothing for changing seasons
  • Finding fair and affordable housing
  • Computer education
  • GED preparation 
  • Skill set and career building activities 
  • Budget management assistance

Employment Support

We assist members with actively participating in the workforce through transitional, supported and individual employment.  


The Transitional Employment Program is an important function of all accredited clubhouses around the world. St. Joseph House has relationships with employers, and through those relationships, the employers hire our members. The work program lasts six months for each participant; the positions are part-time (up to twenty hours) and entry-level. The member does not have to apply or interview for the position; they are guaranteed employment once approved to participate in the program. Throughout the whole process, a staff liaison is available to help both employer and employee. 

Supported & Individual

In supported employment, the clubhouse maintains a relationship with the working member and the employer. The member, while supported, has more involvement in the hiring and overall success in his or her job. Members and staff form partnerships to determine the type, frequency and location of desired supports. Over time, it is common for members to find fulfilling careers in which they work full or part-time with no direct staff liaison involvement. However, while members work in their careers, they are still able to enjoy the clubhouse and all of the benefits that come with membership. 


Advocacy is also an important function of the clubhouse. Navigating social services, healthcare, and employment, while dealing with several hardships, can take a toll on our members. Staff and even other members advocate for those who contribute so much to our organization. Members are truly our greatest inspiration, in that they identify where fellow members need advocacy and follow through by using their time to advocate for those that need it. Staff members engage in advocacy training and attend community meetings in support of their advocacy duties. Overall, members directly address their personal challenges, but certainly not alone.