Houston Strong!

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My whole life has been full of ups and downs, yet God has seen me through a lot! Over the years I have noticed something unique about Houston. The people here are fantastic! When I was raising my two kids alone, God and Houston came through for me! I found that even though my faith was weak, I still managed to hang on to a little bit of faith that stayed deeply in my heart. When I had no food and my lights were about to be cut off, Houston stepped up to the plate. Boy, I sure thought on many days I wouldn’t make it! I woke up each morning, feeling lonely and depressed, not knowing how we would survive. I would have sent them people who, out of the blue, could help us. Knowing God made a way out of no way!

Houston means to me that, no matter what your economic status is, the people of the state of Texas will grant you a helping hand. My faith, love, adoration, respect, and caring of Houstonians is of the most high! Especially since Hurricane Harvey hit us, the outpouring of total strangers has been amazing! The coming together of people can produce a lot of help to those less fortunate! When Hurricane Harvey hit, my first thought was, “Who in God’s name would help us?” I found out that God had us covered all along. The outpouring of love I felt for other Houstonians was fabulous. My viewing of the events that took place while Hurricane Harvey was going on made me stop and think about all the catastrophic events that happen from time to time in Houston. We the people always step up to the plate! People give from the heart; it never fails. After all, without us coming together when we are needed in times of stress, financial problems, and family problems, we could not cope as a community! People are looking at us from around the globe! We have to set a great example of our humanitarian efforts to remind the world to love and show compassion and understanding!

Submitted by Amy Johnson