Mission Statement

St. Joseph House actively contributes to the recovery of persons living with mental health diagnoses. We provide a stable environment, meaningful work in our clubhouse, transitional employment, and many styles of support. St. Joseph House operates on the hope and the belief that, regardless of circumstance, people with mental diagnoses have the ability to live and work well, with purpose. We strive to end the stigma of mental illness by empowering our members to be prepared and confident as they navigate challenges in their lives.

Our Newsletter

We publish a monthly newsletter to inform our community about what's going on at the clubhouse. Members submit their creations and put the newsletter together, piece by piece. 

Our History


St. Joseph House building (originally the Richardson House) is constructed on Block 1, Lot 40 of the James S. Holman Survey of the City of Houston.


The entire structure is moved to its current location at 3307 Austin Street, and the Stiles family occupied the house for the next forty years.


Magnificat Houses, Inc. purchases the property and transforms the house into a home for men.


The home is transformed into a psycho-social rehabilitation program. Over the next ten years, dedicated staff members, namely Rosemary Badami, Sister Sarah and Ron Gregory work to build the program and pursue accreditation from Clubhouse International.


Rosemary hires Grant Kennedy as the new director of St. Joseph House. Grant received Clubhouse International training with Fountain House of New York. He returned with an effective plan to position St. Joseph House to acquire Clubhouse International accreditation and drive the transitional employment program. St. Joseph House becomes the first accredited clubhouse program in Texas under Grant’s direction. Grant Kennedy worked with the Harris Center and obtained a four-year grant for Magnificat Houses to upgrade and expand its clubhouse operations. Mr. Kennedy continued to work closely with the Houston mental health community until relocating to London.


Sister Agnes Marie becomes the director of the clubhouse and nourishes the organization until Doug Haase assumes the directorship in 2015. Mr. Haase offered leadership through his training in clubhouse operation and culture.


St. Joseph House has grown to support over forty members daily and seven full-time staff members. The organization participates in clubhouse training, new program development, conferences and ongoing outreach.