The concept of membership is vital to the clubhouse model. Being a member means that an individual has both shared ownership and responsibility for the success and future of the organization. Individuality and unique talents are celebrated, and members are encouraged to use their skills to volunteer for work that builds on their strengths. Members support other members and staff in a variety of important ways; we work together in hope and look forward to progress.

"Membership is free and without time limits."

Benefits of Membership

  • A place to come – Members are free to come and go. Membership is free, without time limits, and open to anyone with a history of chronic mental illness.
  • Meaningful relationships – Members and staff work side-by-side to run the organization. Through the work of the organization we build honest and real relationships. Our relationships are mutually beneficial and significant to the growth of the community.
  • Meaningful work – The work of the clubhouse is completed by all; everyone’s participation is valued and needed.
  • A place to return – Membership is for life; we are always eager to welcome members back.

Becoming a Member

Membership is open to persons eighteen years of age and older who have a documented history of mental illness. The steps to becoming a member are listed below: 

  1. Prepare for your visit: Bring documents pertaining to your diagnosis from your doctor and government-issued identification. (If you are without identification, we can point you in the right direction to obtain it.)
  2. Visit our facility and take a tour.
  3. Complete our brief intake process so that we may get to know you and tell you more about what we offer.
  4. You will be notified of your eligibility on the same day.
  5. Upon joining us, we will provide you with an ID and walk you through your first few days as a part of our community.