We believe that persons affected by mental illness have the ability to contribute to the world in ways that truly matter. Our clubhouse operates through units, areas of work made up of both members and staff. The units and the individuals working in them are the collective heartbeat of the clubhouse. The skill sets that members build in these units are highly transferable to work outside of the clubhouse. Learn more about our units below.


The Admissions Unit provides a welcoming environment for visitors and new members. Our hospitality team welcomes guests, give tours and shares helpful information. Outreach activities are also performed in this unit.  Outreach is informed by our member-generated metrics and phone calls are made to promote engagement. 


The Development Unit is comprised of our communications, employment, and education areas. The primary goal of this unit is to advance the clubhouse in as many ways as possible through work in these areas. 


Members can participate by working on the newsletter, social media outlets, document creation and tasks that promote creativity. 


We love working with members in need of tutoring while seeking a GED, higher education or general learning. Staff, members, and volunteers are often available to share their knowledge. 


Our Transitional Employment program operates out of this unit. We assist members with their career goals and securing employment during their recovery.



Coffee, tea, and a wide variety of snacks are available for purchase at very reasonable prices in our café. Members are able to serve each other while building time management, cashiering and social skills. The café is also a popular gathering place in the clubhouse. 


Our kitchen serves between 30 to 50 full plates daily. Members contribute by preparing, serving and shopping for food. Work in the kitchen is very popular, because members help cook the food which feeds the very people with whom they are building relationships.  


Our gardens are maintained by the Horticulture team. These gardens have been tended to over the years by members and staff. We have several beds that grow produce that we harvest for lunch, year round.

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